About Me

Hey I'm Em or The Cave to most of my friends and this is my story.....so far!

I trained as a ballet dancer as well as other forms of dance from a very young age. After going to a professional ballet school and then a performing arts college I became very unhappy within myself and I decided to give it all up at the age of 17.

In my teens I started to battle anorexia along with other eating disorders and depression.
Through battling these various illnesses I started to realise the passion I had for fitness and nutrition in a healthy way. 
I am now studying as a nutritional therapist, pilates and yoga instructor. This blog is my online diary to share my experiences and show you how I strive to achieve a healthy happy body and mind.....with no crazy dieting or fads! 
I aim to bring you simple and easy ways to change your lifestyle for the better whether you just want to be slightly healthier day to day or to completely overhaul your life and live and eat as clean as possible. And hopefully to spread a little more positivity in the world :)



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