Monday, 10 August 2015

Spotlight on Milk Thistle

Hello Health Nuts! 

I wanted to share with you my new health obsession: Milk Thistle. I was introduced to this by a friend recently using it as a hangover cure.....I don't often drink which unfortunately means when I do I normally feel it pretty severely the next steps the milk thistle. 
Milk thistle naturally helps detox the pancreas and the liver, it has the ability to stimulate protein synthesis which helps with the development of new liver cells.

As recommended to me I popped out to the shops and picked up some in tablet form, I take one before I drink and then one or two before bed. As a hangover cure you can also add other minerals and vitamins such as echinacea, vitamin B, vitamin E and calcium alongside and take them with a pint of water. 
I can honestly say this worked for me immediately and although I don't advertise or promote heavy drinking it definitely makes me feel fresher and healthier the next day if I have had a few too many! 

I was so impressed with this cure that I started reading up on milk thistle and talking about it with friends and it turns out there are many many more benefits from this health wonder!

Because of it's liver detoxifying functions it can also help with the appearance of your skin and with weight loss. There are studies into it's role in helping with cancer and high cholesterol and even though further studies are needed for definite results, it has been seen that one material within milk thistle called silymarin contains a powerful antioxidant that can inhibit development in cancer cells and help in lowering cholesterol.

Have you ever tried milk thistle for a hangover or any other health benefits?
Let me know!